Thanks for using our plugin! The whole Timely team is fired up to make the best experience for you, your business and for your calendar visitors. support forum

Before creating a new thread please read this post entirely, as it contains a few notes about our process, goals and limitations that we have. This will help us provide the highest level of support we can possible do.

Priorities and response time

We’re looking over the forum every day, and our priorities are, in the following order: critical bugs requiring hotfixes, major bugs that affect multiple users, troubleshooting issues raised by Core+ and all paid plugin users. Any of these can take up to 7 days (although our users appreciate that we’re mostly responding in 1-2 days), or sometimes even more.

Inquiries that we cannot commit to address

We’d love to address every problem raised on the forum, but unfortunately, as Ben is the only support person, although he is extremely dedicated, he cannot provide support to free users (troubleshooting, answering questions, CSS and other code tweaks). If time permits, we would gladly help, but we need to set the expectation that it’s not supported.

Please check-out our Hub and Pro hosted plans for many extra features and 24 to 48h response time via “Get Help” feature inside the plugin.

Resolving a thread

In order to focus on the most import issues you might encounter, we mark as Resolved the threads inactive for more that 2 weeks, with the possibility of being reopened by user if needed. Please don’t reopen threads that somebody else created, rather please just create a new one instead.

Get help in Pro and Hub admin dashbord

We offer prioritized support to Pro and Hub users when raising any issues via the “Get help” button in admin dashboard. We reply in 24 hours to Hub inquiries and 48 hours to Pro ones. We’ll address critical issues right away, but may take a few days for non critical issues when major issues keep us too busy sometimes. Thank you for your understanding!

Other resources

New feature requests

Please use our user guide to get a more clear picture of how our product works, and raise any feature ideas (not issues) at

Developer contribution

Our code is public on Github. Please feel free to contribute as sometimes that might be easier and faster that going through a support channel.

Our commitment

Over the last year we have made huge changes to our staff, product features, code quality, performance, support response time, development cycle and business model to make sure we put in the hands of our users, for free, the best calendar plugin.