A new hot fix for standard users is available today. If you don’t see the update notice please be patient. We are now rolling out releases with a soft launch. This will help us more swiftly react to any issues in the update and is a precursor to a full beta program we are working on.

This update has 13 fixes and changes listed below. It also has one feature addition, the ability to add recurring events with a “last” option. This allows you to add events that occur say every last Monday of the month.

* Added “last” option to monthly recurrence patterns

* Modified exported UID to reflect event origin

* Fixed issue where category colour wasn’t seen on Event Categories admin page

* Fixed issue where some names recieved “MAILTO:” prefix when importing feeds

* Fixed several database handling cases which may have caused plugin installation failure on some systems

* Improved plugin performance especially when handling larger number of events

* Modified addressing scheme to use tilde ( ~ ) instead of colon ( : ) for arguments identification to resolve an issue with some Microsoft IIS servers

* Fixed issue where events exported to Facebook had backslash added before certain symbols

* Fixed issue that caused a JavaScript error to appear on admin dashboard in some cases

* Added possibility to turn off compression of CSS files

* Fixed issue that prevented “Reveal whole day” button from working

* Fixed several possible vulnerabilities (courtesy for finding goes to Christian Mehlmauer)

* Fixed issue with WordPress Total Cache plugin that caused server error

* Fixed issue that prevented removal of assigned category colours