2.1.7 was released today. It contains numerous bug fixes and some great new features and improvements. The most exciting is a new setting that forces Posterboard tiles to align in a grid. The setting is found in the Events > Settings > Add-ons > Extended Views menu. Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.39.31 PM

Timely is all about making sure you can easily share your events and calendars with your community. While your website may be WordPress, your neighbours may not be. With our JavaScript widgets you can easily embed filtered or full versions of your calendar anywhere on any site. Timely comes bundled with 1 to 4 JavaScript widgets, ranging from a basic event list for the free version to full calendars, featured events, and Filter Groups. You will have access to them based on the plan you have subscribed to. You can access these widgets in our all new Widget Creator. It gives you the ability to make customizations for each widget you create. Another great feature, you can now embed multiple JavaScript widgets on the same page. Check out our SuperWidget, or Hub products for information about the more advanced widgets we offer.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.44.56 PM

Many calendars have events occurring in different timezones. You can set the event’s timezone independently of your site’s timezone. If the timezones are detected to be different, we will display the event’s timezone on the event details page.

For those of you printing your calendars, you can now choose to print a collapsed Agenda view. This should allow you to fit many events on one page, rather than just a couple with their full details.
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.48.21 PM

We are excited to see some of these new features in action. Let us know how they are working for you!