Release Notes for 2.3.5

For All users:
– Import ICS compatibility with WordPress 4.4
– Event location details corrected where Google maps pin marked the wrong location
– When an event with ticket is exported via an ICS feed, the description will include the “Buy ticket URL” to help event seekers purchase a ticket for the event (if there is an RSVP/Ticketing link included from the event source).

For Hub users
– “Your Saved Events” now compatible in all Day, Month, Week and Posterboard views.
– Advanced filter groups, when selecting “Your Saved Events” corrected to show the appropriate filtered results.
Save & Share feature helps visitors bookmark their favourite events and share them via email and on their social channels with the family/friends driving more traffic to your site.
– Filter Groups now appears on Event details page.
Custom filter groups feature gives unlimited drop down options beyond just categories and tags – ie. allow your visitors to search for events by Neighbourhoods, Cost, etc

– Ability to change Newsletter settings “From email address” and “From Name”.

– Fixed the filters to send oneshot email. Now the events are filtered in according with the selected categories, tags and filter groups.
Mailchimp integration allows automatic/scheduled or one-off newsletters pulling content from their calendar ie. What’s Happening This Week.

For more information about the Hub platform, you can
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