Monthly Archives: July 2012

Bum-badda-bah, trumpets please… We’re thrilled to announce the much anticipated, painstakingly constructed, feverishly finalized, feature packed upgrade to The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin – premium version 1.8! Now this is a major upgrade with a lot of new features that we’re really excited about, but before we send you off on an upgrading / downloading frenzy read

At Timely our goal is to help people find events online.  It’s really that simple. Only, it’s not. And it’s not simple, because the majority of online calendar/event systems are designed with exclusivity in mind. Facebook wants you to post all your events within its system, Google+, Eventful, Eventbrite, Linkedin… the list goes on. These are

We’re happy to announce that Timely has completed its seed round of funding, generating $315,000 in early investor support as of June 2012. This funding allows us to complete key projects over the next 5 months while the Angel funding round is underway. Candidly we can say that our investors have been impressed with the traction we’ve

Our company story began just a little while ago, on a warm Friday in June. It was the start of my first non-work weekend in what seemed like 100 years (my parents had always assured me that chores were just how cool kids played).  It was also my wife’s birthday, a full moon, and not