Monthly Archives: October 2013

Work Commences on 2.0

I’m excited to say this past Monday we began working on our 2.0 release! The 2.0 update will optimize the core of the Plugin for the present, and establishes a solid foundation for future features we have planned. 2.0 is focused on improvements in 4 areas- Performance, Stability, Extensibility, and Customization. Taking into account our

Timely is hiring a Junior Support Developer. If you are interested in becoming a part of our small team of underdogs and scallywags check out the job description and submit your CV, resume, note from your mom,  parole records  or memoirs. Preference given to residents of the fine city of Vancouver, but if you are

A new hot fix for standard users is available today. If you don’t see the update notice please be patient. We are now rolling out releases with a soft launch. This will help us more swiftly react to any issues in the update and is a precursor to a full beta program we are working