Monthly Archives: May 2014

This spring we hired Ben and Lukas. Most of you have met Ben in the support forums, and some of our Pro users might have met Lukas as well. Ben is a developer from Croatia and previously worked for The Seed Studio. As some of you may remember, The Seed was the original creator of

Facebook has recently released a 2.0 version of their API and it’s bad news for Timely users. They have removed the ability to publish events through the API. Those of you who created your Facebook app before April will still be able to publish events, as you are able to access the v1.0 API. For

With all the bluster of 2.0, there were a few smaller features we added that I would like to highlight. A popular feature request we have been receiving since the dawn of Front End Posting is the ability to place the button that opens the form on different site pages. You can now do this

Calling all Polyglots! I’m excited to announce that our GlotPress install is up and running! Thanks to some keen and generous users we already have very complete translations for Swedish, French, Italian and Danish. If you would like to contribute, you can login using the same credentials you use on Timely’s main site. To find

As part of our effort to improve support and decrease the number of accounts our users need to maintain, we have started on the transition to our new support site. Now when you login to your account on you will be able to post questions on a new support forum directly linked to your

One of the great strengths of WordPress is its global reach. As a WordPress plugin, we too are fortunate to have users all over the world. Translations were an important part of 1.x, and we provided a number of languages packaged with the plugin. While originally a nice perk, this turned out to be not