Monthly Archives: July 2014

2.1 Release

It’s coming! 2.1 was planned for this week, but we decided to take one more week for a bit more testing. We implemented some changes to CSS caching relatively late, and we want to make sure it’s working very smoothly. We decided it would be worth delaying to get these changes into this release. They make

Pavel is a Moscow native who spends half his year escaping the Russian winter in Goa. Pavel is an experienced developer who has worked for one of the largest news groups in Russia, and worked with a team that developed apps and digital signage for the Sochi Olympics. Pavel is also a music producer and

We have received several requests from users to list Twig template variables. We have been reluctant to do so as we will be making breaking changes to these variables though our next several releases. Some variables we left for compatibility with pre 2.0 versions of the software, but these are deprecated and will be removed