Monthly Archives: February 2017

API 0.7.0 Release Notes

Release Notes Web Application: 1. To save you time, view, clone and trash options have been added to quick edits. You no longer have to make these changes by going into the all events page. 2. Receive the latest style and javascript updates instantly.  No more waiting for caches to clear. 3. Display your calendar beautifully

We are happy to announce Timely Ticketing add-on has been released! You can seamlessly add tickets to your events at a fraction of other providers costs. Purchase the add-on by clicking here.  You can sell different ticket types, including the option for people to R.S.V.P by creating free tickets. Track ticket details including the number of

We have seen some common struggles and headaches among Community Hub websites. So we have introduced features to help with these problems in our Hub calendar including: Increasing revenue with EventPromote Filling your calendar full of events via importing feed functions Reducing your time/expenses with automation Promoting major events over smaller community events with a

Allow members in your community to send events to your site directly from their own calendar by using our free beta calendar. They can click here to sign up! Event contributors do not even need a website! They can manage their events from our web application (though most would embed their new calendar on their website if they