Monthly Archives: March 2017

Released Mar 27, 2017 Here the fixes we have made in our latest release. Fixed: Returned the missing label for the previous month button (month view). Fixed: Improved the handling of missing or poorly formatted timezones when importing events. Fixed: Plugin wasn’t enabling certain features in the WP Multisite Environment. Fixed: An undefined index error would

Becoming the Hub of your community sometimes means promoting a business or their events. Here are a few ways you can promote a business and their events. With a Timely Hub calendar you can allow businesses to post events via your front end submissions form.   Featured events (Hub) You can embed featured events either above your main

Check out a list of our latest improvements & fixes. Released Mar 9, 2017 Fixed: Open Graph meta tags now matches correct dates and URLs for recurrent events. Fixed: Prevents duplicate post IDs from being passed to update_meta_cache() after searching for events, creating a much smaller database query. Thanks to @zrothauser for the fix. Fixed: Removed

Timely pushes the boundaries on our oldest social technology – Calendars. Calendars have always been around helping to organize people’s schedules and events. It is hard to find someone who does not have any form of a calendar as they are still very relevant in our society. Today almost all events are found online. With