Bum-badda-bah, trumpets please… We’re thrilled to announce the much anticipated, painstakingly constructed, feverishly finalized, feature packed upgrade to The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin – premium version 1.8! Now this is a major upgrade with a lot of new features that we’re really excited about, but before we send you off on an upgrading / downloading frenzy read this IMPORTANT NOTICE:

Due to a slight bug in the previous version of the Ai1EC (v1.7.1) current 1.7.1 users will need to download a special patch plugin in order to have a trouble free-upgrade (If you’re installing from scratch or from an earlier version like 1.7 then you can simply download the v1.8 Premium directly from Time.ly).

For all you 1.7.1 users watch this quick tutorial video on how to do the upgrade

Now on to the fun stuff! Version 1.8 Premium includes a feature that gives you an entirely new way of displaying your calendar to your website visitors. It’s called Posterboard View and it may very well alter the entire course of event calendar evolution. Okay a little heavy on the hyperbole but for us Posterboard represents something truly different for the online events calendar. You see Posterboard view breaks with the grid / list layout of the traditional calendar by presenting your events more like a community bulletin board, with emphasis on the featured image of each event. It’s more visual, more attractive and ultimately more engaging for your calendar visitors. Posterboard will work especially well for users like clubs, concert halls, music venues, and theatres who regularly post photos or artwork for their events (i.e. concert posters) and want to show them off without having to click to get the event details.  It’s almost like Pinterest for events ; )

Also new in this release is the long awaited Facebook Integration feature that allows Ai1EC owners to import and export events directly to and from Facebook. This feature allows you to subscribe to your personal events on Facebook (i.e. the ones you’ve joined orcreated) as well as the eventsof friends, fan/business pages and groups.

Other new features include:

  • The ability to lock the calendar to a particular view (Posterboard, month, agenda, etc)
  • Improved (refactored) javascript which should dramatically reduce conflicts with other plugins
  • A variety of UI / UX improvements
  • Our new “Timely” branding : )
Well we hope you enjoy version 1.8 and we look forward to your feedback. As always for technical support or development inquiries contact us at help.time.ly.


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20 Responses to “Announcing v1.8 with Posterboard View and Facebook Integration”

    • Evan

      Hi David,
      Yes that should be resolved now with the latest version 1.8.3.
      : )

  1. Marius

    Hi, I’ve started using Time.ly Event Calendar a couple of days ago and it looks great piece of software but I cannot find any complete technical documentation or a reference guide to its code (specially APIs).

  2. MamaRed

    Way kewl plugin! And integrating with all those other (unnamed, to -be-named) sites is awesome too..

    Will time.ly play within the WordPress multisite world? I know themes have to be handled with custom css to change things…Could you have time.ly display/manage different feeds and calendars on different sites within a multi-site network?


  3. Richard

    Hello, i run an events company with 2-3 events a week sometimes. I run a lot of them via my facebook page (with 500-1000 attending on average)

    I want a way to show my calendar, with the facebook attending numbers and you can RVSP via the calendar. Is this possible?

    • Evan

      Hi Richard, the RSVP function is a popular request and one that we are working on right now. At this time all we can say is that it is in the pipeline and we hope to offer it in an upcoming release in the near future.

  4. Tim

    I’m curious if the Facebook integration suffers any problems with timezone. I haven’t tested your plugin locally because Facebook apps don’t like for localhost, but I have had issues with other importers that use the default PST which Facebook uses for start_time/end_time fields.

  5. JJ

    Hey, Amazing Update! The new Posterboard view totally kicks ass!
    But… my times are no workee? any ideas?

  6. jonnymdee

    Hi – awesome calander, been using it for ages : ) but i’ve no facebook option appearing in event edits. i just updated using WP updater then added timely updater to be sure but still not there in 1.8. thanks

  7. yad

    I love this plugin .. it’s amazing.. but couple of features that i miss..

    First : there is no ability to show a single even inside a post or page. I tired [ai1ec post_id=”12″] but it shows full calendar with that event .. tried different views within same .. doesn’t work.
    second: if somene click on a even in agenda widget .. it take you to even detail.. but navigation from there is just to go back to calender.. which redirect user to calendar page.. would like a option to just go back to same page.

  8. Ann

    Is the bug fixed regarding the auto updating and saving of categories? i am still manually updating these every day.

  9. Jonathan

    Hey could you please help with this?

    This is the error message: (#290) Requires extended permission: create_event

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