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2.2 Beta Now Available

Get the Beta now This is a beta release. It could very well break your site. Do not use it on your live site. The beta for our next release, 2.2, is now available. It contains some great new features and a massive pile of bug fixes. Let’s have a look at some of the

For the next 24hrs we will not be able to provide free Hosted Calendars. Pro and Hub calendars are not affected, you are welcome to purchase those. Also, if you already have a calendar you will not experience any issues. We hope to have this resolved ASAP, watch here for updates.

If you are experiencing issues with the buy tickets button resulting in a 404 or a malware warning from Google, please update to the latest version of the calendar. Some months ago we began tracking clicks on the “Buy tickets” button as we were interested in building a ticketing add-on. The data we collected was

2.1.9 Updated Beta

We have made some changes to the earlier beta, and a new release is available now. Thanks for sending in your bug reports! Here are the full release notes for this release. Features/Improvements Improved calendar feeds import from Google calendar Made calendar behaviour across browsers more consistent – fixed issue where some of the elements

2.1.9 Beta Available

We have been hard at work over the last two weeks and we now have 2.1.9 just about ready to go. You can download it now and let us know what you think. It contains numerous bug fixes. Removed unwanted URLs from print view Fixed multi day events display in Month view Improved legacy theme

2.1.7 Is Now Available

2.1.7 was released today. It contains numerous bug fixes and some great new features and improvements. The most exciting is a new setting that forces Posterboard tiles to align in a grid. The setting is found in the Events > Settings > Add-ons > Extended Views menu. Timely is all about making sure you can

Black Monday Sale

The leaves are turning, the sun is setting early and the rain has set in here in our Vancouver HQ. With our WordPress products now all on sale, what better time to sit down with your site and upgrade your calendar? For a limited time we are offering all of our add-ons for half price!

In a series a updates made over the past several months Facebook has gradually closed and limited access points Timely users relied on to easily share their events. Gone is the ability to export events from Timely to Facebook and Importing events from pages you have liked or your friends has become increasingly difficult. Now

2.1 Release

It’s coming! 2.1 was planned for this week, but we decided to take one more week for a bit more testing. We implemented some changes to CSS caching relatively late, and we want to make sure it’s working very smoothly. We decided it would be worth delaying to get these changes into this release. They make

Pavel is a Moscow native who spends half his year escaping the Russian winter in Goa. Pavel is an experienced developer who has worked for one of the largest news groups in Russia, and worked with a team that developed apps and digital signage for the Sochi Olympics. Pavel is also a music producer and

We have received several requests from users to list Twig template variables. We have been reluctant to do so as we will be making breaking changes to these variables though our next several releases. Some variables we left for compatibility with pre 2.0 versions of the software, but these are deprecated and will be removed

When we started talking about our priorities for 2.0 performance was at the top of the list. WordPress has never been known for it’s blazing speed, and the calendar was on the slow side of a slow CMS. Visiting sites and watching that little loading icon spin was becoming excruciating. Last spring Justas, our lead

This spring we hired Ben and Lukas. Most of you have met Ben in the support forums, and some of our Pro users might have met Lukas as well. Ben is a developer from Croatia and previously worked for The Seed Studio. As some of you may remember, The Seed was the original creator of

Facebook has recently released a 2.0 version of their API and it’s bad news for Timely users. They have removed the ability to publish events through the API. Those of you who created your Facebook app before April will still be able to publish events, as you are able to access the v1.0 API. For

With all the bluster of 2.0, there were a few smaller features we added that I would like to highlight. A popular feature request we have been receiving since the dawn of Front End Posting is the ability to place the button that opens the form on different site pages. You can now do this

Calling all Polyglots! I’m excited to announce that our GlotPress install is up and running! Thanks to some keen and generous users we already have very complete translations for Swedish, French, Italian and Danish. If you would like to contribute, you can login using the same credentials you use on Timely’s main site. To find