Time.ly Hub calendars have a basic integration with MailChimp designed to make your life easier!

You can automate the process of sending out daily, weekly or monthly event newsletters based on the events in your calendar. Additionally, you can use the Single Mail feature to send out custom email newsletters or notifications to specific subscribers. 

Build up your subscriber base and keep everyone in your network up to date and engaged.

Benefits of sending out regular Newsletters include:

Build Relationships

Sending out newsletters regularly helps your visitors to feel like a part of your community. It can provide an opportunity for you to get helpful feedback as-well.

Gentle Reminders

 You can include little reminders with key updates and important events happening. If you have a lot of people who post events to your calendar give them a reminder to do so.

Open Communication Lines

 Updates can include any changes, or relevant information you want to share with your community. Having a regular Newsletter will keep communication lines open with past and present visitors.

For more information on setting up your Newsletter refer here.

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