If you have haven’t guessed we are talking about Automation

Say goodbye to double entry by syncing your Timely calendar to your Facebook page. 
Here is a great example as Cafe deux Soleils puts their events on their FB page which automatically go to their website  and then automatically goes to local community sites
Life is busy, save time by creating your events once and syncing it with a Timely Calendar!
With a Timely calendar, a venue (restaurant/bar, theatre, etc) can add events into their Facebook page. That’s all they need to do and the  events will be shared, go everywhere they are suppose to go and be seen by everyone who who will make the event popular and great.
Use Timely syncing to pull events from your Facebook page to your website calendar.
You can also ask local community calendars to subscribe to your calendar so your events will also be sent, displayed, and promoted on their websites.
Furthermore, you can ask your clients or community members to subscribe to your calendar.  Events you post will then be synced and displayed on their personal calendars. 
To do this you will want either our Hub or Hublite calendar subscriptions. To see all calendar subscriptions click here.
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