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2.3.5 Released

Release Notes for 2.3.5 For All users: – Import ICS compatibility with WordPress 4.4 – Event location details corrected where Google maps pin marked the wrong location – When an event with ticket is exported via an ICS feed, the description will include the “Buy ticket URL” to help event seekers purchase a ticket for

Want the most from your Timely calendar? Check out our new Timely Tube YouTube Channel. Our current playlists include a How-to Video Series for WordPress plugin users, Hubs, and a playlist of videos by Timely Users. Check it out at These videos will walk you through how to install/embed and use all your Timely tools. They’ll teach you how to make your Timely calendar

2.1.7 Is Now Available

2.1.7 was released today. It contains numerous bug fixes and some great new features and improvements. The most exciting is a new setting that forces Posterboard tiles to align in a grid. The setting is found in the Events > Settings > Add-ons > Extended Views menu. Timely is all about making sure you can

We have received several requests from users to list Twig template variables. We have been reluctant to do so as we will be making breaking changes to these variables though our next several releases. Some variables we left for compatibility with pre 2.0 versions of the software, but these are deprecated and will be removed

There are events calendars all over the internet, perhaps you’ve seen so many that you’ve become somewhat blind to them. Or maybe you religiously use a calendar for your local community or business. But have you ever stopped to think about why your calendar is important, what it is that it brings to your community,

The online events calendar has become a mainstay for many businesses and organizations the world over but often these calendars are treated as exclusive listings where the only events featured are the ones directly hosted or connected to the event publisher. This might seem like an obvious default for many businesses and organizations but for