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Hello friends, We just released AIOEC 2.3.9 for both Timely hosted users and for as well as some updates to few add-ons. Two significant updates are: We had the “Free” box automatically checked for “Cost and tickets” section when creating an event, as most users create Free events. Today’s change is that we’ll no longer have it selected by

2.3.5 Released

Release Notes for 2.3.5 For All users: – Import ICS compatibility with WordPress 4.4 – Event location details corrected where Google maps pin marked the wrong location – When an event with ticket is exported via an ICS feed, the description will include the “Buy ticket URL” to help event seekers purchase a ticket for

UPDATE: Timely ticketing is now available to all users! Do you have relatively simple ticketing/registration needs? Do you have better things to do than double event entry? Would you rather save money on your ticketing transactions? We’re looking for 25 beta testers who want to kick around an integrated ticketing solutions for Timely calendar users.  Rather

2.1.9 Beta Available

We have been hard at work over the last two weeks and we now have 2.1.9 just about ready to go. You can download it now and let us know what you think. It contains numerous bug fixes. Removed unwanted URLs from print view Fixed multi day events display in Month view Improved legacy theme

2.1.7 Is Now Available

2.1.7 was released today. It contains numerous bug fixes and some great new features and improvements. The most exciting is a new setting that forces Posterboard tiles to align in a grid. The setting is found in the Events > Settings > Add-ons > Extended Views menu. Timely is all about making sure you can

2.1 Release

It’s coming! 2.1 was planned for this week, but we decided to take one more week for a bit more testing. We implemented some changes to CSS caching relatively late, and we want to make sure it’s working very smoothly. We decided it would be worth delaying to get these changes into this release. They make

2.0 is Live!

With 30,000 plugins and 10,000+ themes in the WordPress ecosystem, you get literally trillions of potential configurations of a WordPress website. Timely 2.0 is a calendar plugin born for this ecosystem. We’ve stripped away potential conflicts, dramatically increased the speed and stability, and made it easy to customize with an extensible architecture. Looking for new

2.0 Core Public Beta

Before jumping down to the zip links please make sure you read below for some very important information. Do not install the beta on your live site! The team worked really hard this weekend putting on some final polish to have this ready for today. This represents the new Timely Core Calendar. We have rebuilt

In preparation for our coming 2.0 release this month we are pushing out our last 1.x version. This release is for Standard and Pro users and changes the way our updates happen. It will prevent the error we saw some months ago, where Pro users were given notice to update to a Lite version. It

A new hot fix for standard users is available today. If you don’t see the update notice please be patient. We are now rolling out releases with a soft launch. This will help us more swiftly react to any issues in the update and is a precursor to a full beta program we are working

You may have noticed we released version 1.9 of our wildly popular All-in-One Event Calendar. This release comes with a  slew of features that make it even easier to personalize your calendar, publicize your events, and share what’s happening around you. Unfortunately, with over 20,000 plugins and thousands of themes — not to mention personal

Bum-badda-bah, trumpets please… We’re thrilled to announce the much anticipated, painstakingly constructed, feverishly finalized, feature packed upgrade to The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin – premium version 1.8! Now this is a major upgrade with a lot of new features that we’re really excited about, but before we send you off on an upgrading / downloading frenzy read