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Most of our experiences of events have the same structure. We experience events in time in a linear fashion. These experiences of events, though sometimes a little dull, are perfectly normal. It’s that familiar drudge of one thing after another! But there are some rare experiences that are very different. These are experiences where all (or at least

At Timely our goal is to help people find events online.  It’s really that simple. Only, it’s not. And it’s not simple, because the majority of online calendar/event systems are designed with exclusivity in mind. Facebook wants you to post all your events within its system, Google+, Eventful, Eventbrite, Linkedin… the list goes on. These are

Our company story began just a little while ago, on a warm Friday in June. It was the start of my first non-work weekend in what seemed like 100 years (my parents had always assured me that chores were just how cool kids played).  It was also my wife’s birthday, a full moon, and not