Hello friends,

We just released AIOEC 2.3.9 for both Timely hosted users and for WP.org as well as some updates to few add-ons.
Two significant updates are:

  1. We had the “Free” box automatically checked for “Cost and tickets” section when creating an event, as most users create Free events. Today’s change is that we’ll no longer have it selected by default to protect our customers for legal implications if an event is falsely advertised as free. If “Free” is not selected nor a cost is added there will be nothing displayed in the “Cost” section on the event page. Please make sure moving forward you manually select “Free” when creating a free event. We understand a lot of users liked this setting as it was a time saver if the majority of your events are free, but this change was made to protect all of our customers.
  2. When a user was selecting in admin settings to display the event in the timezone of the calendar, the timezone showed up as the timezone of the event when created, instead of the calendar timezone (bug). The time was correct but we fixed to display the calendar timezone. Also, we used to only display the timezone when the admin selected to display the event in calendar time-zone. Now the timezone  is always being shown in the event page, to make sure the viewer knows it.

Please check-our the release notes for birds eye view on all plugins updated today and what the updates are:

If you have questions about these changes please email us at info@time.ly.

UPDATE: As the timezone displayed is using the WordPress timezone format, our customers found displaying the timezone confusing, concerned that their users will interpret the timezone as location. For this reason we removed again the timezone when the calendar owner has the setting “Display the event in the timezone of the calendar” checked.