You have the Timely Core calendar and you are looking for a little bit more?

With the Core+ you will have 5 additional great add-ons which will help you continue to create a beautiful calendar.

  1. Extended Views: create a more visually appealing calendar which will help attract visitors to your site with the Posterboard and Stream view.

2. Twitter: Automate tweets from your calendar by tweeting out your upcoming events. Choose when the tweet will go out e.g. 3 hours before event start. 

3. Venues: Save time by saving your venues. Don’t add your address/location each time you create an event. Save all your details and choose it from a drop down list.

4. SuperWidget: Embed your calendar on any website. 

5. More Feeds: You get 2 additional feeds, as core plus comes with 3. If you still need additional feeds you can purchase one of our EventBoost plans.

This is a great solution of you are looking to get a little more out of your Timely Core Calendar. You can purchase the Core+ here.

Be sure to also take a look at our Hosted calendars including the Pro, Hublite and Hub. These are great calendar solutions hosted on our side and are primarily used as on embed onto your website. Compare pricing and features here.