Important Note: Wix does not support script code, so it is not possible to use our Widget Creator code, but it is possible to embed calendar using their “Embed a Site” element, although there are some limitations; the site will display identical calendar like on your site, with the same view, menu, filters, events, layout, header, footer, etc. So you can not use all the possibilities as with the widget code, but you can use all the calendar options and in this way to set and adjust the calendar.

Because of Wix limitations, it is necessary to follow these steps:

1. Go to your Wix Website Editor.

2. Click + Add on the left side of the Editor.


3. Click More.


4. Click Embed a Site, or drag it the relevant location on your page.

5. Click Enter Website Address.


6. Enter the website’s address (URL) under What’s the website address? Here is necessary to enter the full address of the calendar, for example


7. Click Update.