1. From your calendar dashboard click on Facebook.
  2. Login with Facebook to authorize your calendar to connect to your Facebook account.

    authorize facebook for login

  3. Complete authorization – Click continue.

  4. Your authorizations will be valid for 60 days before you will have to do a new authorization. This is due to Facebook’s security rules.

  5. Now that you are authorized, Go the the Import section in your dashboard. Copy the url of the page or the event and paste in into “feed url” section.
  6. Add in the feed name, categories and tags that apply. Lastly, click Import.

There are 3 main ways to import events from Facebook:

  1. Import all events from pages (copy the page URL).
  2. Import a single event (copy the event URL)
  3. Import all saved events (export ICS).  Images don’t sync using this method. You can create a Facebook avatar with no friends, if you get invited to a personal event, that event is also added to the feed.

The first two are straightforward and outlined in the video above.

Note: Importing via the Facebook Page (#1 above) will also sync the image associated with the event.  Importing via the Event or Events feed page will not sync the image — this is a technological limitation of Facebook.

Here is how to do #3:

Save (or click ‘interested’) on the events that you want. To export all upcoming events at once:
  1. Click Events on the left side of your homepage.
  2. At the bottom right, below Events Happening This Week, click Upcoming Events to export all upcoming events. 


When using this method images don’t sync, so you need to find the event, and add an image to it.  

  1. Create an avatar (so your friends don’t invite you into events as they will go live – keep your personal profile separate. Also you may want to add events to your community calendar which you don’t want your FB friends thinking you’re personally interested in).
  1. Good if you want to quickly add a lot of random events from different page.
  2. Good if you want to keep your feed limits low.
  3. Bad if you want image (time it takes to manually copy an image and add it over would be easier to copy the event url and just add the event as a feed)