Save and Share is available for Hub users.

Save and Share allows your site visitors to save events they are interested in and then share them as a custom calendar via social media. It requires no setup or configuration. Your site visitors can save events while they browse the calendar or while they are on an event’s details page. They can save as many events as they like, and to remove an event from their list they simple re-click the save button.

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Once you have a number of saved events, you can view them by clicking “your saved events” in the calendar toolbar. This takes you to your custom calendar, helping your users plan out the events they would like to attend.

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Once you have an event saved you are able to share that event through email or various social media. Click “Share these Events” in the calendar toolbar. You will be presented with a modal where you can select Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can also give your calendar a custom title. The URL is already shortened for you, and will update automatically as you make changes.

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