Customized Plan


Manage all your websites events in one place with a package that is fully tailor-made to your needs


With Timely Customized Plan you have the power to manage the events on all your websites and webpages across your organization in one user-friendly portal which is the Timely Web App.


Bundle various features of Timely Calendar, including creating and searching unlimited categories and tags, Front-end submission of events, creating registered events with managed attendee lists, unlimited feeds to and from Timely calendar, all in one place.


Timely Web App is developed so that it does not rely on requesting or requiring information from your internal organization servers. You will simply create and mange events on our Web App and then you can securely embed the Calendar link on your websites.


Unlimited Domain Embed License
Manage all events on all websites in one place

Unlimited Calendars & Unlimited Events

Use your own Analytics tools with Server Side Embedding Rendering

Training Program

Create Users and Customize Permission Levels

White labelling and Customized Branding

Priority Support

Import Unlimited Feeds

Multi-language public display of calendars

Customized and Searchable Fields and Categories

Create public or registered events with managed paid or free RSVP list

Set up notification for registered events