2.1.9 Beta available for download

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    We have made some changes to the earlier beta, and a new release is available now. Thanks for sending in your bug reports! Here are the full release notes for this release.


    • Improved calendar feeds import from Google calendar
    • Made calendar behaviour across browsers more consistent – fixed issue where some of the elements remained inactive after loading
    • Improved cache handling to allow easier development of child calendar themes
    • Improved memory handling – some heavy tasks are delayed or not performed
    • Improved legacy theme detection
    • Improved notifications mechanism to make informational notices clearly distinguishable
    • Improved SuperWidget navigation by handling more operations without resorting to rendering in base calendar context


    • Fixed event limit handling in shortcode – now number of events indicated when creating the shortcode is respected
    • Removed unwanted URLs from print view
    • Fixed multi day events display in Month view
    • Fixed word-wrapping rendering in month view – got rid of unwanted rendering artefacts
    • Fixed timezone handling on calendar views – unknown timezones are now treated as default calendar timezone


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