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    Claudia Lepori

    Did you change something? there is no more facebook add on available on the shop.


    Unfortunately changes made by Facebook to their API forced us to remove it from the store. Previously we were the only plugin that allowed you to import events from your personal page. We want to maintain this functionality and we are investigating new techniques for providing it. Until we have something ready, we will not be offering it for sale.


    Claudia Lepori

    Yhank you for the answer.


    Claudia Lepori

    Do you have any idea on when it will be avalaible again?


    Hi Claudia – No update yet.


    Jodi Avery

    If we purchase now, either the core+ or add-on bundle, will we have access to this once it is available? or will it be an additional purchase?



    I was registering here to ask about the Facebook integration advertised on your front page; am I to understand it is no longer available? Will it be? If this is due to changes in Facebook’s policy/terms/whatever, I guess it is nothing you can do about it? What if I am not interested in importing from my personal profile, but from a business page?


    Yes Jodi, I’ll make sure it’s included for you if you purchase core +/ add-on bundle. Just remind me. 🙂

    torb – thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ll let our website team know that it’s still advertised there. All Facebook integration is currently unavailable and we’ll let you know when we find a workaround and when that is expected to come out.

    Check out our updates on Twitter @_timely. As soon as we get an update about Facebook integration, I will personally make sure to post it there and we’ll also be updating the website.



    Claudia Lepori

    Do you have any news? It’s important to understand when the facebook integration will be available again. I’ve a project waiting to be finished. I need to give a deadline to my client or i need to change all the project. Please tell me if there are some news and if you know when will be available again.



    Samantha Stevens

    Any news on a solution please?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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