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    Bill Rodgers

    The purpose of this forum is to “Show off your calendar or tell us your story. Let’s help each other create better calendars and communities!”
    You can use this form to show off your Calendar to others and help inspire them. You may not think of your Calendar as anything special but other may see it in an entirely different light.
    You might have a story to tell about how you came to choose Time.ly All In One Event Calendar or how you have implemented it on your site.
    There are a number of specialised forums for issues, customisation and troubleshooting.
    Please don’t use this forum for other than its purpose. Support or customisation issues posted in this forum may be ignored.



    Are you sure that is the appropriate statement especially in these days? You are telling your customers they are fine to “tell your story” but “support or customisation issues may be ignored”?

    Surely you can direct this forum in a for you easier way, but it is not what the users – paid or not – may want to here, which shows the following fact:

    Forum “Your Calendars and Stories”: 114 posts
    Forum “Miscellaneous Troubleshooting” 8,621 posts

    Aren´t you are realizing that there are not much “stories to tell” but a lot of customers who have ongoing problems since a long time and need support? I am looking through this forum the last days because of the serious troubles with the latest releases but have never seen such a clear statement to the current problems like your statement now.

    Some time ago at least there was a support in this form. You have taken off your Facebook-Page because of lots of negative testimonials some weeks ago, now you are promoting a very special purpose for this forum telling “support may be ignored”.

    To Bradley: You have emailed me at the beginning when I bought the calendar and wanted to have “a story” using your plugin. My story was constant problems which I told you but since then I didn´t hear anything back from you. Don´t you think it is time to come out with a clear an honest statement instead of doing “co-founder Hangouts” and celebrate yourself?

    Andreas (a paid customer having troubles since the first day with Calendar and still have)


    Stuart Young

    The main issues here are:

    1. Many people don’t read this sub-forum. This includes Time.ly and Bill/Myself. This means any “issues” that people post about don’t get as much attention, or don’t get seen promptly. This just ends up becoming a horrible feedback loop. Basically we’re hoping that people post their problems in the main problem forums, rather than here, so that they’ll get the attention they deserve.

    2. Outside of the Problem forums, we (the Moderators) don’t have any access. This means we can’t move your messages into the correct forum so that they get the attention they deserve.

    Note: @jeff has made some changes to the forum that have helped make everyone’s job easier in the last few days, and there are more coming. Some of this will make it much easier for the Moderator team to push issues to Time.ly when they’re important.


    Bill Rodgers

    Stuart has put this much more tactfully than I did. The use of the word “ignored” is possibly not appropriate.
    Us moderators do try and get to as many issues as we can but life is easier for everyone if the appropriate forums are used.I know that in some forums if your post is in an inappropriate forum it gets deleted.


    I think the confusion is this post seems to be in every forum!! Not sure how that happened.


    ah, there we go. Bill- Super Sticky means it will be a sticky in every forum. Fixed it.


    Bill Rodgers

    Thanks @jeff
    here I was thinking Super Sticky just stuck it as first in that forum.
    I know the drill now.



    We are a great example of a “Community Calendar”. Our Tourism organization works with 5 local Chambers of Commerce, where each one has own calendar of events (with tourism and non-tourism ones). With Time.ly we are able to pull everyone’s calendar together into a single calendar featuring everyone.

    The Pro’s: we don’t have to manually input each event anymore (time-saving). Each chamber provides us with a .ics file, which gets put into our calendar. This type of all-inclusive calendar helps locals and tourists alike get all their information in just one place, and if they want more info, each event links back to a specific chamber calendar. We love that people can download the event to any kind of device. HUGE plus.

    The Con’s: duplicates and triplicates get created all the time and cannot be permanently removed (i.e. if a major hotel is member of 3 chambers, the hotel submits their events to each one, and each chamber has to publish that event, therefore feeding it into our calendar). It makes our calendar seem unprofessional and disorganized (like “how can they not see they have the same event 2 times on the same date). Because the minimum calendar update is every hour, even if we go in and delete the duplicates, they are fed back in. We are working to make sure all 5 chambers are using the same tags and categories. We have a ticket in with Time.ly to see if the events from other chambers need to have identical information, specifically Title, When, Where, Contact. If they are not identical, but tagged the same, what will happen when imported? Will the events be merged into one or will there be duplicates? If everyone used a time.ly calendar, would these duplicates not happen?

    We like the calendar but it seems to be work in progress. We’ll give it another 6 months to see what happens. Attached is a pic of what it looks like know, fairly cleaned up of duplicates (see Wed, Thurs, Fri).

    Linda – Director – Green Lake Country Visitors Bureau (WI)


    Bill Rodgers

    Hi Linda.
    Could you please repost this in an appropriate forum. It is more likely to get attention.
    This forum is to mainly feature Calendars and for stories of how users came about to start using the calendar.


    Bradley Roulston

    In order to streamline our support and best serve you, we’ve moved our forum to the WordPress Repository.

    You can use this forum to search for past topics/answers, but please post new issues at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/all-in-one-event-calendar

    If you run a hosted (embeddable) calendar, you can post an issue right via your product top/right dashboard ‘Get Help’.


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