Facebook Import Update

If you are using the Web Calendar App, which looks like this:

Then you have likely noticed that calendar imports through Facebook can no longer be used. This is because Facebook made changes to it’s Application Programming Interface (API), which means our Web Calendar App can’t communicate with Facebook’s interface anymore.

The good news is:

Timely has worked hard to create a new calendar app that is compatible with Facebook. Plus, our exclusive Chrome browser extension enables you to import Facebook events even quicker.

If you like to use the Facebook Import Extension, then try our new calendar app. Please see instructions below:

How to import Facebook Events with Timely’s Chrome Extension (Only available on the New Calendar App)

1- Install the extension into your Google Chrome browser from the Chrome webstore: Import Facebook Events.

2- Click on the Timely icon in your browser’s toolbar, and login to your calendar via the browser extension.

Chrome Extension

3- In your browser, navigate to your Facebook event page.

How to import Facebook Events

4- Click the “Save” button on the image to import the event into your Timely calendar.