The Hublite is best suited for museums, libraries, theatres, galleries, artists, band, churches, restaurants, etc. Unlike other event calendars, Timely is designed to help you display your calendar on your own website and promote your events to other calendars.



All Pro Features You benefit of all the Pro features.
Lots of Events If you’re a medium to large sized event organizer, company, venue or blogger, the Hublite Calendar will work great. You have no limit to the events you create and can import up to 500 future events. As you grow, you’ll be able to upgrade your calendar.
Front-end submission Enable public users to submit events for approval or directly to your calendar.
Embed Anywhere Add to your website, blog, Tumblr by copy-and-pasting a few lines of code.
Prioritized support Hublight calendar has prioritized support, most of the raised issues being responded to in 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the Widget Creator, copy the code, and paste it onto any page in your site. So easy!
The Hublite Calendar is designed for event organizers with fewer than 500 upcoming imported events. On top of that, you can have as many recurring events as you want in a series. So, if the same event repeats once a month, this will still only count as one event.
Absolutely! A complete backup of your database and anything you uploaded is available to you at anytime for $100.
The Hublite Calendar comes with a few non-essential proprietary features, but you should be able to export your calendar to another calendar system without much trouble., if you’re not happy with our service.
You can choose from almost any color combinations and 20 fonts. You can also modify font sizes, padding and margins and more. After you embed your calendar, you can make additional modifications.
There is no contract term and you can cancel at any time. You’re only responsible for the current month’s bill.
The Hublite Calendar is $29/month.

Get a Hublite Calendar Site – $29/mo


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