Timely makes event curation simple, easy and intuitive.

Import events from many different sources including Timely, Google, Outlook, Facebook and any calendar that supports .ics feeds, right from your dashboard.  Your feeds will update hourly which will help to keep your calendar current and up to date. When an event is changed at the source, the updates will show up on your calendar as-well.

Synchronized Import


Pull in events from another calendar via .ics feed. The feed will refresh hourly

One Time Import


Import events via .ics or .csv. The events will be pulled in once and are not synced with the source

EventDiscovery (Hub Calendar)

 Search for events from specific geographic regions right in your dashboard and automatically pull them into your calendar

Facebook Import (Hublite & Hub)

Easily import events from Facebook directly into your calendar. 

What calendar product fits my import needs?

If you will not be importing a lot of feeds Timely free or Timely Pro may be the best bet.

Timely Free has 1 free feed to pull events from another source into your Timely calendar.

Timely Pro provides 3 feeds to pull in events from up to a few independent sources, and has additional features not available in Timely Free that save you time and money!

Timely Hublite provides 15 feeds to serve growing communities and businesses that need to aggregate from multiple sources, and empowers your community by letting them submit events directly from the public view of the calendar.

Timely Hub allows you to aggregate up to 200 feeds and preserve edits so that you can curate a calendar that is the center of your community, and provides tools within the product to monetize your calendar!

Do you need more feeds?

EventBoost add-ons allow you to add more feeds to your calendar. This is great for if you’d rather stay at your current calendar subscription plan but specifically want more feeds.

EventBoost 15 Feeds – $10/month

EventBoost 30 Feeds – $15/month

EventBoost 50 Feeds – $20/month