Our company story began just a little while ago, on a warm Friday in June. It was the start of my first non-work weekend in what seemed like 100 years (my parents had always assured me that chores were just how cool kids played).  It was also my wife’s birthday, a full moon, and not raining. In short, it was #timetoparty!

Like most people in the world, I looked online to see what was going on. I checked four community calendars, and then Facebook, Eventbrite, Eventful and Google, and I found almost nothing — just a few events and none of them interesting. I was either living in the world’s most boring town, or the Internet is fundamentally broken when it came to events.

But my city is actually pretty awesome — street markets, sports, movie nights, music, live theatre, public meetings, garage sales, and crazy parties. And it’s not just my city. Thousands of public events happen in any given town or city every day. But on a site like Eventful, you might find only 5. The underlying problem is that with so many calendars, and no event sharing between them, and no search engine able to index them, event creators and event seekers have to visit each calendar individually, and nobody has time for that. The end result: events don’t get posted, and people don’t hear about them.

So I blew off the weekend and began to work on a solution: a better way to post and discover events online.

What you are seeing today at time.ly is part one of that solution — the All-in-One Event Calendar for WordPress — and the work of a team of brilliant developers (Yani, Paul, Nicola, Brian, Justas, Miroslav, and Mark). Within this plugin you’ll find lots of tools that will make it easier for you to create and share events — whether it’s for your business, your team, your nightclub or your church. You can categorize and tag events, set up complex recurrence patterns, import and export event feeds and much more.

Our goal is to offer you the best possible calendar software for promoting events on your website. In doing so, we hope to lift the curse of “too many calendars” that so many communities are under and create a network of events that everyone, (anywhere!) can benefit from. Let us know what you think. We have lots of plans for making it even better and we’d love to hear your suggestions.

I hope you enjoy it!

Rik Logtenberg
CEO – Timely