Embed your calendar on your website and connect to your community calendar network.

event calendar on a laptop

Get instant distribution & promotion of your events at no extra work. Gone are the days of double entry.

Events you create on your own website can be automatically sent to local community calendars (including the one you posted on to get this account). 

  1. Create and edit your own events. You are in total control of your events and what is seen on your website calendar.
  2. If you are submitting events regularly to a community calendar(s), you can share your calendar feed so that they will automatically receive the events you create an any updates you make.

To get started, re-log into your account (calendar) at: Timely Dashboard

Your Timely Free calendar also comes with:

Multiple views Create a beautiful calendar and choose between Posterboard, Tile, Stream and Agenda.
Easy event creation Create single events or repeating events. Have an event that repeats every third Tuesday, except for next month? No Problem, your calendar can handle it.
Rich event listings Create event descriptions add images, locations, maps, and ticket information
Organize Save key information such as venues and organizer information. Huge time saver as you can add the information to new events without inputting the information every time.
Facebook Pull events from your Facebook page
Supports Ticketing add-on Sell, manage and track tickets with the Timely Ticketing add-on
HTTPS/SSL Fully compatible with your HTTPS website
Responsive Looks great on desktop and mobile devices