Hub and Hublite events calendar owners can allow members in their community to send events directly to their site using a couple of methods.

  1. Enable Front end Submissions.
  2. Having Timely Free and Timely Pro calendars sync their events via .ics feed. They can click here to sign up!

The second option greatly simplifies the process, people who are regularly posting events to your website will not need to create double entries of their events. It helps keep Hub and Hublite calendars up to date so it becomes a win-win for both parties.

Hub and Hublite calendar owners are usually looking for events to fill their calendar with, a lot of Timely Free and Timely Pro calendar users are looking for places to promote their events. This provides a great opportunity to work together and fill each other’s needs.

No website?

You can manage events from our web application (though most people embed their calendar onto their website if they have one). This is a great solution for people who post events to a Hub or Hublite calendar which don’t have a website as it provides a means to manage their events.

How does this process work?

  1. Event Contributors should simply sign up for a Timely Free or Pro calendar here.
  2. Create Events.
  3. Hub and Hublite calendar owners can subscribe to the Free and Pro calendars to pull in the feeds.

Click on the save button, you can copy the calendar url and import the events into your calendar.


Bonus Suggestion:  Create a landing page explaining to members in your community how they can send events right from their own calendar to your calendar!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us