Make your calendar flow nicely. Create categories, tags & filters. 

There are a lot of events happening around you. How you categories these events sends a strong message as to what events are available and what events you find important. Additionally, categories, tags and filters help to keep your calendar organized and help people to find the events they are looking for faster, which will keep them coming back to your site!


I’d recommend keeping your categories broad, examples include:                                                                                                   

– Arts & Culture
– Deals & Specials
– Nightlife
– Health & Fitness  
– Wine & Dine

If you need additional drop down bars i.e. one for neighborhoods to help your site visitors better find what is most relevant to them, consider the Hub.

You can use filter groups to create as many drop downs as you like, making the search more specific.

Lastly, add a default image to each category which would act as a backup image if you do not have have one on the event. This will help to keep your calendar aesthetically pleasing.

Stay organized and maintain a sharp and fluid calendar.