What are the main benefits from switching to the Web Application Calendar:

  • No theme/plugin conflicts
  • Updates are done by Timely directly
  • More features
  • In product access to support

Frequently Asked Questions

I have the WP Plugin and I’m considering switching to a Timely hosted web application (SaaS) calendar.

How is SEO?

WordPress: Great for SEO.

SaaS calendars: Also good for SEO. Create your own custom domain and traffic to the calendar will be credited to your root domain. Furthermore, we have a server side embedding option for the calendar which is even better for SEO than the custom domain. Please note the JavaScript embed does not have any SEO Value.


Where is my data held?

WordPress plugins: On your own hosting.

SaaS calendars: Timely hosts your data.


How do I manage my calendar?

WordPress plugins: You log into your calendar via your own WordPress Dashboard. You’ll see the Events section as part of your dashboard sidebar items under ‘Events’.

SaaS calendars: Log into your calendar dashboard. Everything will be managed from your dashboard and you can embed your calendar onto your website, share the direct url or create a custom domain.


What costs more?

Depends on what you need.

WordPress plugins: Core is free, Core+ is $99. You can also add other features independently at https://time.ly/wordpress-calendar-plugin/add-ons

SaaS calendars: Varies between $0-$99/mo. Depending on the subscription they will have a lot more features than the WP Plugin.


What happens to my event info when I make the switch?

You can sync and pull over a copy of all your upcoming events. Media gallery currently cannot be migrated over.


Updates to the calendar?

WordPress plugins: You need to do the updates yourself.

SaaS Calendars: Updates are automatically done for you.