Product Tour

Take a tour of the new Timely Calendar.

Timely offers multiple ways to view your calendar, from the standard Month, to the popular Posterboard, to the mobile-friendly Agenda, and more. Timely also offers rapid Search that makes finding events easy. And Save allows users to gather interesting events into a personal calendar for later or to share with friends.
Timely makes it easy to customize your calendar. Modify which views are available and which are shown by default. Change colors and fonts. Make a change and see the result in real time.
Timely makes it easy to automatically import events from other calendars. The easiest way is to pull in entire calendar feeds, which will deliver you every event from that calendar automatically. Or you can import events one at a time using EventFindertm, a tool that allows you to quickly search the Timely network for events by community and topic and then add them to your calendar with a simple click.
Timely makes it easy to promote your calendar and your events to a wide audience, automatically. Twitter auto-sharing will posts your events directly to Twitter. The Timely newsletter feature allows you to create multiple event newsletters for every audience.
Do more with your calendar. Turn it into a revenue stream by selling tickets for events. Or use Timely EventPromote and charge businesses to advertise their events on your calendar.