Customize the Event Details Page

To change your event details page, you don’t need to create a new calendar theme. You can create a template in your current WordPress theme.

  1. Create a file called single-ai1ec_event.php
  2. Copy the code from single.php file (located inside your WP themes folder) and place it inside single-ai1ec_event.php you have just created.
  3. Put single-ai1ec_event.php inside the folder containing all your theme files (your WordPress theme).
  4. Inside the newly created file you will find a line of code calling for header - get_header();
  5. Create a custom header file which will be called only from single-ai1ec_event.php
    1. To create it just copy the one inside your theme’s folder and rename it to the followuping: header-YOURNAME.php
    2. YOURNAME should be the title of the page that you want.
    3. Call newly created header file from single-ai1ec_event.php file by replacing get_header(); with: get_header("YOURNAME");

Now you can edit just the custom title.