As of August 8, 2019 the add-ons except Extended Views are only available in Timely Web App bundles.” The timely web app can be a hyperlink to Journey pricing page.

The Twitter extension allows you to push events to Twitter automatically from your calendar.

To post your event on Twitter, follow these steps:

Visit Twitter Apps and sign in with the account you wish to use for integration with your calendar. Click “Create a new application.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.47.07 PM

For “Website” use the address of your calendar page and for “Callback URL” use the value specified under Events > Settings > Add-ons > Twitter.
twitter setting 2

Make sure “Enable Callback Locking” is disabled:

After you have created your application navigate to the permissions tab and select Read and Write and save your settings.
twitter screen 3

Navigate to the API tab and copy the API key and API Secret values to the corresponding fields in the calendar Twitter settings.
twitter screen 4

Once you have copied these values – click on “Follow this link to authorize this app to post to Twitter.”
Go into your WP Admin Dashboard > Events > Settings > Add-ons > Twitter and authorize your Twitter application.

Please note: it’s best to use the same Twitter account that you expect to be posting tweets. You may re-visit that link later to change the user.

To post your event to Twitter, go into the event edit page and click on “Post to Twitter”