Connecting Timely Calendars

Importing events form another Timely calendar is the best way to ensure the events come through with all their information intact.

To start, navigate to the front end of the calendar you wish to import events from. Scroll to the bottom of the calendar.

  1. Click “Subscribe” and then right click ‘”Add to Timely Calendar”. Select “copy link address”. You can paste this link into your calendar where it asks for an .ics file.Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.41.58 PM







Next navigate to your Timely calendars feed page found in Events > Calendar Feeds.

  1. Open the settings of the destination Calendar and go to the “Calendar Feed” page.
  2. Paste the link you copied into the “Feed URL” field.
  3. Click Add Subscription to add the feed to your Calendar. Choose the Category in which to import your event. If you need a new category, create it first using “Event Categories”
  4. Click Refresh on the feed to complete the import.


Import Screen 3