Creating Recurring Events

When creating or editing an event, scroll down to the Event Details pane. Enter the date and time of the first instance of the repeating event. Then check the Repeat checkbox.

Note: It is important that the Start and End date/times are for the initial event. Do not enter date/time information to show the duration of the set of repeating events.

In this example, the event is on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 from 9:30am to 10:30am. If the event repeats, check the Repeat box. A new page will appear that allows you to set how often and for how long the event repeats.

On the new page, there are the following options:

You can set your event to occur every day, every second day, or every 137 days if you prefer.

You can set your event to occur every week, every other week, or less often. You can specify which day(s) the events fall on. In the example below, we are repeating our event every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, for one year.

MonthlyYou can set your event to occur either on certain days of the month (for example the 3rd and the 17th) or on a specific day of the week (such as the 2nd Monday).

You can set your event to occur yearly, and you can specify which month(s) you would like your event to occur in.

Note:It’s a good idea to set an end date (instead of never). The Calendar might run slowly if there are a lot of repeating events with no end date.

When setting up a recurring event, you can choose to exclude dates from the event. There are 2 ways that you can exclude dates. They can be used in combination.

Excluding dates from a Repeating event

To use a rule to exclude dates from your repeating event, check the box titled Exclude…

The exclusion rules are created the same way as the recurring rules.

Exclude dates

You can also exclude dates using the field below the Exclude… checkbox. Use the calendar to choose what days to exclude from your recurring event.