You’ve created a good website and now you need an events calendar.
Timely hosted calendars work great with Squarespace Websites.

Whether you’re an event creator, promoter or do a bit of both, you can easily embed your
Timely events calendar onto your Squarespace website!

Why Timely is the right calendar for your Squarespace website:

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    Timely Saves You Time

    We have event aggregation tools that will help you to keep your calendar robust and reliable. You can import events from other calendars, and allow visitors to post events to your calendar.

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    Timely Looks Amazing

    We have the right calendar view for you. We offer multiple calendar views, an inspiring looking calendar will attract visitors and encourage them to come back to your Squarespace website.

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    Timely Ticketing Makes You Money

    There is no need to manage multiple tools. We offer a cost effective ticketing add-on where you can sell tickets and offer RSVP registration.

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    Timely Has Awesome Support

    We support all of our clients, with prioritized support for our Hub clients.

Our Free and Pro Calendars are generally for event creators, venues, personal calendar and people who care about their own events

The Hublite & Hub calendar are for event promoters, community groups, tourism boards and people building a network.

Get your calendar today for your Squarespace website!