Sell tickets for your event with a few clicks

You don’t have to manage multiple tools anymore! Chose “Timely Ticket” when creating an event for a fraction of other provider’s cost (NO FEES during beta) and get paid directly in your PayPal account. Plus, anyone who imports your calendar can display your tickets link.


Multiple ticket types Sell different ticket types for seniors, student, or regular participants, with specific pricing and limits.
RSVP/Registration only Offer free tickets for an event or a group of your audience, and they will still receive a ticket for the event.
Tax and invoice options Provide dedicated tax and invoice options for your events to fit your accounting and legal needs.
Sales report Check your overall sales and order statuses in your dashboard.
Tickets details and attendees For every event with ticket see at a glimpse the status of the sales, availability of tickets for each type and the attendees list.
PayPal payments Get paid directly in your PayPal account for your sold tickets and offer PayPal and credit card payment options to your ticket buyers. See FAQ for more info about payments.
Multi-currency support We support a wide range of currencies you can use for your tickets, including all major ones like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, BRL, HKD, JPY etc.
Low service fees Our service fees are only a fraction of how much other providers charge! During beta, there are absolutely NO FEES.
Unique tickets import With our unique engine and network of connected calendars, your tickets are displayed to anyone who imports your calendar or your event(s) into their Timely calendar.


The funds go from the ticket buyer straight to your PayPal account.

Because we need the ticket holders information and billing address to reserve the tickets and also created the invoice. After the buyer fills in all the information on Timely checkout page and clicks “Buy Tickets” this happens:

We reserve the tickets and create a order that stays in a “pending” status.
We redirect to PayPal checkout, so, the buyer can complete the order providing his paypal information.
If PayPal response to us that the Buyer’s payment was done with success, we move the order to a “completed” status, create an invoice and send it with the “Electronic Tickets” to the Buyer’s email.
If for any reason the buyer doesn’t completed the order on PayPal checkout page, the ticket reservation will be expired after 30 minutes and the quantity reserved will be available again for other possible buyers.

We don’t handle the card details. The only information we use to process the payment is the email, that we use to request the communicate with PayPal. There is no way to get the credit card details. Their are protected by PayPal. Some more info:

The Merchant is the calendar owner, using the information provided into the payments settings from the Dashboard.
The Buyer is the one that buying the event ticket.
The Gateway is the Timely Network. We have an authorized account into PayPal that allow us to request payment on behalf of merchants.

The information related to tickets is not stored on the Wordpress installation but on dedicated Timely servers. We store orders, invoices, the tickets that the buyer bought, settings, payment informations and others event related informations. We use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our applications and databases.

We don’t have access and implicitly don’t store credit card information neither PayPal passwords. We just use the PayPal email to request the payment to PayPal.

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