Timely develops web-based event calendar software to help people, businesses and organizations promote their events to their communities.We’re happy to announce that Timely has completed its seed round of funding, generating $315,000 in early investor support as of June 2012. This funding allows us to complete key projects over the next 5 months while the Angel funding round is underway. Candidly we can say that our investors have been impressed with the traction we’ve generated so far with our first product: The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin for WordPress, currently the most downloaded calendar plugin on the WordPress plugin directory at over 205,000 downloads (and climbing!). Those downloads equate to thousands of installed calendars and approximately 700,000 indexed events from all over the world.

We’ve been able to do this without a drop spent in the marketing bucket, just the strength of a well made tool to solve an age old problem: how to effectively find and index all the events in our communities.   So what’s our next move? Where does Timely go from here? Well our goal from the very beginning was to become the World’s Event Calendar.  Now this may seem a little arrogant and we certainly don’t claim to be there yet but it is our aspiration, and here’s an important distinction: we’re not trying to be the number one event calendar, or the biggest or the most dominant, we’re trying to be the most co-operative and cross-compatible.  Building yet another event system that competes with the likes of Eventbrite, Facebook Events, Google+ and any of other proprietary event systems out there only continues to fracture the online event market, resulting in even more headaches for the end user.

So our aim, in a nutshell is not to compete so much as assimilate.  We want to solve the problem that originally vexed us in the first place, too many calendars, too many disconnected events and no easy way to bring them all together. To do this we’re designing applications that unite these disparate systems and make it easier for event promoters and event seekers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Stay tuned as we continue on your quest to be the World’s Event Calendar.

For investor inquiries please contact us at info@time.ly