In the 2.5 release we did a major strategic change supporting the expansion of our product beyond the prior  WordPress plugin by creating an independent web application that serves our plugin  via Timely’s API. The change was to replace the local import of ICS feeds with an API engine.

Building a web application served by an API will allow us to make our product available on multiple web and mobile platforms including WordPress,  exponentially increase the performance of our calendar, produce faster product updates and add new features at a way faster pace – ticketing being the first feature developed on the benefits of this API in version 2.4.

Importing feeds is a core feature of our product allowing users to aggregate whole calendars into theirs and building community hubs. Only by moving this feed importing engine into API are we  able to build exciting functionalities like discovering events and feeds to import into your calendar from your own dashboard, promoting your events to community entrepreneurs, as well as the possibility for users to build a business on top of our calendar and monetize with the help of new features.

While we’re striving to expand beyond just WordPress, to bring a better Timely calendar to more and more users, our WordPress plugin will continue to be key and open source, and we rely on our users support and understanding through these crunching but exciting times!

What to expect:

  • In order for users to continue to import ICS feeds they will need to sign into our API from their admin dashboard.
  • Right after the API sign-in all the previously imported feeds will be migrated into the API which will take up to 2 hours.
  • Manually refreshing feeds is not available until a soon to come update that will enable it via API.
  • Core, Core+ and Pro users can now:
    • create an unlimited number of events, including those created with Front-end submission (add-on sold separately)
    • have an unlimited number of past events
    • be differentiated according to the pricing table features.

If you’re experiencing any issues please contact us at If you have a website set up that required a local processing of the ICS feeds please roll back to any version prior to 2.5. No disruption should occur.