Want the most from your Timely calendar? Check out our new Timely Tube YouTube Channel.

Our current playlists include a How-to Video Series for WordPress plugin users, Hubs, and a playlist of videos by Timely Users.
Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/user/TimelyTube/playlists.

These videos will walk you through how to install/embed and use all your Timely tools. They’ll teach you how to make your Timely calendar easy to manage and become the best addition to your site.

Our Favourites:

Hub Calendar Videos

1. Hub on-boarding video
Getting started with all your newest features

2. Organizing Categories, Tags & Filters
Giving Hubs more drop down options beyond Categories – the more events you have, the better search tools you need

3. MailChimp Integration
Proving to be an excellent way for Hubs to monetize their calendar listings.


WordPress Plugin Videos

4. The All-in-One Event Calendar from Timely
An overview of the product

5. Timely Network
Promotion video to build your network

6. How to Use Timely
Quick walk through on using Timely


How-to Videos by Timely Users

7. Timely All-In-One Event Calendar – WordPress Plugin Video Series -by: Dennis Smith
Thorough walk through

8. How to use All in One events calendar by Timely – by: Martha Waugh
Nice step-by-step on creating events that stand out


9. All in one event planner by timely for wordpress, google calendar import – by: Mathematicssolved
How to pull events from a Google Calendar into your Timely calendar (hint: you can also add default category images if you want more pictures to jazz up a Google event feed)

10. Member Program Calendar part 1, 2 and 3 – by: sotierlibsys
A great little 3 part series for any organization or association to understand how they can sync calendars and share events


If you want more videos, let us know… or make a video and we’ll list it in our Timely Users Video Playlist (maybe).