As a Tourism board or destination marketing organization, you need to showcase all the amazing things happening in your area. But it’s tough to keep your calendar interesting and up to date.

With Timely, you can turn your calendar into a reliable source for everything happening in your city or state. Unlike other calendar systems that can’t connect calendars together, Timely enables you to automatically imports events from calendars all over your community, city or state. This eliminates the costs and hassle of adding events manually.

  • Increase your website traffic with more channels: calendar newsletters, social media event alerts and more, all automated directly from your calendar.
  • Increase visits to your city or state by providing more interesting and more comprehensive event listings.
  • Lower your calendar management costs by automatically pulling events into your calendar.
  • Reach even more visitors with mobile-optimized calendar views.
  • Improve event planning in your city or state by letting event organizers know what else is happening.

More visitors, Better engagement

All of this leads to more visitors to your website, and more visitors to your region. Each event is optimized for search, so with more events you get broader search rankings. Each event can be connected to social media, which allows you to reach even more people. Talk to us to learn how else you can increase traffic to your site and better promote your community or region.

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