Job Description

We’re looking for savvy, intelligent, and committed backend developers that can communicate well, are helpful and easy going. Good candidates will be enthusiastic about web technology, scalability, data efficiency, and code quality. This is a full time permanent position.


With users spread around the world, English is the language we work in. You should be comfortable clearly communicating with written and spoken English.


  • BSc or higher degree in Computer Science
  • 5+ years of experience in a software development lead role
  • Strong PHP experience building code that lasts – understanding how design patterns apply to web stack, how processes interact and where an application spends 80% of its time
  • Experience building internal and external APIs and RESTful web services
  • Experience working with large datasets
  • Testing: unit (PHPUnit, Prophecy/Mockery) and acceptance (BeHat or Selenium).
  • Strong systems experience on Linux and managing VM infrastructure
  • Strong understanding of web application deployment environments: Apache/Nginx, PHP/Ruby app servers, MySQL, Memcached, Redis
  • Experience with web performance, caching techniques and browser handling of etags, cache expiration headers, etc.

Bonus points

  • Experience with Laravel and/or Go
  • Having built an API that was used by a large volume of clients and lasted for years through constantly evolution
  • Involvement in architecting, implementing and supporting a SaaS product
  • Know and have used at least three different structured and unstructured data storage technologies
  • Experience with real-time updates to search clusters (Lucene-anything or similar)
  • Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform or similar PaaS


  • Proven ability to work with a team to find creative solutions, release rapidly and ship elegant, customer-centric applications
  • Natural researcher: likely have some 5 different Vagrant machines running and interacting with * Docker instances, or solve halting problem during sleep (unluckily – forget it once awake)
  • Takes ownership of the codebase. Works to continually improve code quality, and get bugs fixed and deployed
  • Must have excellent technical communication skills
  • No order takers – need someone who is comfortable challenging the status quo

About Timely

Timely Network Inc is a small and fast-growing calendar software company. Our calendar helps companies, communities and groups organize, promote, and share their events. We have a history of success and a set of innovative in-house projects under development.


Our office is on 275 Hanlon Creek Blvd, Unit 3 Guelph, ON N1C 1C1. Candidates should live in Guelph or surrounding area.

To apply

Please send us a resume and cover letter at together with what you think will help us get to know you like any example projects that you’re proud of of any other evidence of your passion for building great software

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $65,000.00-$85,000/year