Timely NPO Program: An Exclusive 15% Discount for Nonprofits

At Timely, we value the incredible work that nonprofit organizations and charities do to make the world a better place. To support your impactful missions, we're excited to offer an exclusive 15% discount for nonprofits for the first year of subscription!

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Why Nonprofits and Charities Around the Globe Love Timely Software?

Timely’s software for nonprofits and charities is designed to empower organizations, providing an array of benefits that bolster cause awareness and community engagement. Indeed, with Timely, NPOs can streamline event, training, and venue management, ensuring seamless online promotion and scheduling and enhancing everyone’s experience.

Timely NPO Discount Program at a Glance


NPOs can apply for the discount by completing the short application form on this page. Fill out the form with essential details about you and your organization.


Upon approval, you'll receive an email from us with your unique NPO discount code and instructions on how to use it. The code must be used within 24 hours of receipt. 


Enjoy a 15% discount on the full first year of subscription for Timely Event Calendar Software. To subscribe to another software product, please contact us.

Apply for Timely Nonprofit Discount

Ready to elevate your event, training and venue management initiatives? Apply for Timely NPO Discount Program today and embark on a journey of enhanced possibilities.

Please fill out the application form using an email address of the same domain as your nonprofit organization or registered charity.

While we are reviewing your application, why not sign up to our Free Plan and start with Timely software immediately?

Our Free Plan offers the capability of creating and publishing up to 100 events and displaying them in the form of a calendar on your website.

A diverse team of nonprofit organizers celebrating acquiring Timely's software with the new 15% discount for nonprofits, holding a paper heart to showcase their social cause.

Your Impact, Our Priority

At Timely, we have the mission to bring people together, one event at a time. This vision is strengthened by events and organizations with purpose.

Therefore, we are committed to empowering NPOs with the tools they need to thrive. Offering a discount for nonprofits is our way of saying "thank you" for the remarkable work you do.

Your positive impact deserves nothing less than our support!

Frequently Asked Questions About Timely Nonprofit Discount Program

1. Why does Timely offer a discount for nonprofits?

Timely’s software for charities and nonprofits is used by several organizations worldwide to better manage events, training programs, and venues. Our software ensures seamless online promotion and booking coordination. As a consequence, it enables the community to align with your cause, resulting in increased attendance, volunteer engagement, and resource availability.

In addition to software solutions, Timely also provides Professional Services and a comprehensive Help Center to help your team learn and use the system faster.

Consulting with current nonprofit clients, we empathize with the financial challenges NPOs can face. Our goal is to simplify and enhance your experience while staying true to our commitment of providing top-notch services to all our clients. By creating this nonprofit discount program, we aim to ensure that your NPO receives the utmost value from our offerings.

2. What types of nonprofits are eligible for the discount?

The NPO Discount Plan is exclusively available for nonprofit organizations and registered charities with a .org domain.

3. How long is the nonprofit discount valid?

Timely discount for nonprofits is valid for the entire first year of your subscription. However, you should use the coupon in 24 hours after receiving it by email.

4. How soon will we receive the discount code after applying to the program?

Once we approve your application, you'll receive the discount code by email, typically within 1-2 business days.

5. Who can use the nonprofit discount code?

The nonprofit discount code is exclusive to the individual who submitted the form and the organization and website specified in the application. It's important to maintain this integrity. Sharing the code or using it for a different purpose could lead to cancellation of the discount and a charge for the full subscription amount.

Moreover, the discount cannot be applied retroactively for past purchases. Please request and use the nonprofit discount before you purchase a plan.

Disclaimer: Please note that not every organization is eligible to receive access to the NPO discount. Timely reserves the right to accept or decline access to this offer, and to adjust the eligibility criteria at any point.
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