How To Embed Your Calendar

lick on the green “add new event” button to get started

You can then edit and manage your new event, while seeing how it looks with our visual display.

Date and time

  • Enter the Start and End times.
    An event can have the start and end dates the same or a few days apart. If the event is a multi-day event, on certain calendar views the event will appear on every day during that multi-day event, with a note saying “Day X of Y”.
  • Choose if the event is an “All-day” event.
    No time will be needed in this case, and a note will appear on the calendar view that the event is an all day event.
  • Use “Repeats” to make the event recurrent.
    You can choose from “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” and “Custom” recurrence. The “Custom” recurrence allows you to choose individual dates for that event.
    If you choose one of the first 4 recurrence types, you will also have the option to “Exclude” certain dates. “Exclude” has exact same recurrence types as “Repeats” but the opposite action.
    For example you can choose to “Repeat” a “Weekly” event on Monday, but to “Exclude” “Monthly” the first Monday of the month and the Christmas Monday, using “Custom”.
  • Choose event timezone.
    By default this is the calendar timezone, but you change it for a specific event.
  • In case you choose to update any of the date or time values for an event, and you have Timely tickets for that event, please notify everyone that purchased a ticket previous to the change as the info on their ticket is now wrong.

Event filter groups

  • Add the event to available filter groups (or taxonomies).
    According to your plan, your event may have some or all of the following filter groups available:

    • Categories, Tags, Venue (online or physical address), Organizer, Custom filter groups or taxonomies created by you (i.e. Band, Artist, Hashtag, etc)
    • You can choose for your event a previously created value for each of them, choose “New” to create a new value, or “Edit” to update or delete a selected value filter group.
  • “Organize” menu entry, available to selected plans, helps you easily see and organize your filter groups and extends the fields available for each of them.

Event details

  1. Enter a description of your event in the text editor.
    According to your plan, the description and other text fields in your calendar will vary in the available text tools for the text box. Some plans will only have the following text tools: bold, italic, align, link, insert image. The higher plans will have formatting tools like numbering, bullets, headings, etc.
  2. You can add a featured image to be displayed in the event.
    If you do not have a featured image, your public calendar will display the category image instead of it, if your event is part of a category having category image, or the timely logo if you did not select one.
  3. Click “Save” to save the event as draft, or click “Save” and check “Publish” to publish your event.