You have the Timely Core calendar and you are looking for a little bit more? With the Core+ you will have 5 additional great add-ons which will help you continue to create a beautiful calendar. Extended Views: create a more visually appealing calendar which will help attract visitors to your site with the Posterboard and

Using gives schools an easy way of promoting their events out to the community, parents, teachers and students. Paper Newsletters often don’t make it home or get thrown out. Why not have a connected calendar to simplify the process? In turn, parents will not have to worry about missing their kids school events again.

We have seen some common problems among tourism sites. So we have introduced features to help with these struggles in our Hub calendar including: Filling your calendar full of events via importing feed functions Reducing your time/expenses with automation Increasing revenue with EventPromote Promoting major events over smaller community events with Featured status Allowing your

Make your calendar flow nicely. Create categories, tags & filters.  There are a lot of events happening around you. How you categories these events sends a strong message as to what events are available and what events you find important. Additionally, categories, tags and filters help to keep your calendar organized and help people to Hub calendars have a basic integration with MailChimp designed to make your life easier! You can automate the process of sending out weekly event newsletters and event notifications. Additionally, you can use the Single Mail feature to send out custom email newsletters or notifications to specific subscribers. Use Mailchimp to continue to grow your

Are you looking to highlight events in your calendar? Featured Events is a great way to highlight the events you would like to stand out in your calendar. Additionally, Featured Events can be used with EventPromote to monetize your calendar by selling featured listings! Continue to make you calendar stand out by adding Featured Events.

Are you looking for a way to monetize your calendar? EventPromote is off and running! You can now have the ability to collect money via your frontend (post your event) button. You could charge for featured status, allow images, show their ticketing/registration link, or any other promotional/sponsorship packages you want to make available. People are most likely to

Hello friends, We just released AIOEC 2.3.9 for both Timely hosted users and for as well as some updates to few add-ons. Two significant updates are: We had the “Free” box automatically checked for “Cost and tickets” section when creating an event, as most users create Free events. Today’s change is that we’ll no longer have it selected by

2.3.5 Released

Release Notes for 2.3.5 For All users: – Import ICS compatibility with WordPress 4.4 – Event location details corrected where Google maps pin marked the wrong location – When an event with ticket is exported via an ICS feed, the description will include the “Buy ticket URL” to help event seekers purchase a ticket for

UPDATE: Timely ticketing is now available to all users! Do you have relatively simple ticketing/registration needs? Do you have better things to do than double event entry? Would you rather save money on your ticketing transactions? We’re looking for 25 beta testers who want to kick around an integrated ticketing solutions for Timely calendar users.  Rather

Want the most from your Timely calendar? Check out our new Timely Tube YouTube Channel. Our current playlists include a How-to Video Series for WordPress plugin users, Hubs, and a playlist of videos by Timely Users. Check it out at These videos will walk you through how to install/embed and use all your Timely tools. They’ll teach you how to make your Timely calendar

2.2 Beta Now Available

Get the Beta now This is a beta release. It could very well break your site. Do not use it on your live site. The beta for our next release, 2.2, is now available. It contains some great new features and a massive pile of bug fixes. Let’s have a look at some of the

For the next 24hrs we will not be able to provide free Hosted Calendars. Pro and Hub calendars are not affected, you are welcome to purchase those. Also, if you already have a calendar you will not experience any issues. We hope to have this resolved ASAP, watch here for updates.