Facebook Data Scandal By now you have probably heard about Facebook’s data scandal. As a result Facebook released an update where they made changes to their API in regards to data sharing restrictions. Impact On Your Feeds Unfortunately this affects our Facebook Import feature because we no longer have access to pull events from Facebook.

If you have haven’t guessed we are talking about Automation Say goodbye to double entry by syncing your Timely calendar to your Facebook page.  Here is a great example as Cafe deux Soleils puts their events on their FB page which automatically go to their website  and then automatically goes to local community sites     Life is busy, save time

In our latest update, you may have noticed your WordPress Add-ons stopped working. To reactivate them simply sign into your Timely account via the settings page of your WordPress Core Calendar Plugin. We are adding functionality and making performance improvements to our addons that will provide more value to you. This involves running some components

With Timely’s latest release you can continue to push your brand out to the public. Available for Timely Pro, Timely Hublite and Timely Hub calendar subscriptions. What can you do? Hide the Timely Logo Add your logo to Timely Ticketing Add your logo to the Front End Submissions page Timely events calendar specializes in helping

Time.ly Hub calendars have a basic integration with MailChimp designed to make your life easier! You can automate the process of sending out daily, weekly or monthly event newsletters based on the events in your calendar. Additionally, you can use the Single Mail feature to send out custom email newsletters or notifications to specific subscribers. 

Hub and Hublite events calendar owners can allow members in their community to send events directly to their site using a couple of methods. Enable Front end Submissions. Having Timely Free and Timely Pro calendars sync their events via .ics feed. They can click here to sign up! The second option greatly simplifies the process,

Timely Events Calendar is a great solution for schools.  Our website calendar provides a simple way of promoting events to the community, parents, teachers and students. Paper Newsletters are getting old, and usually don’t make it home. A school can easily embed the calendar onto their website or use it as a standalone page. Create

You have the Timely Core calendar and you are looking for a little bit more? With the Core+ you will have 5 additional great add-ons which will help you continue to create a beautiful calendar. Extended Views: create a more visually appealing calendar which will help attract visitors to your site with the Posterboard and

Here are two great ways you can monetize your calendar 1. Charge via the Post Your Event button (Hub) You are providing the service of promotion. People are spending their time to post events to your site. Furthermore, it is the perfect time to ask them to pay for additional services to get their event

We’re taking the ability to import feeds & connecting calendars to a new level.   In the past we’ve offered the ability to import feeds as a free service. Going forward, we’re asking you to support us so that we can better support you and the community you serve. The Core will only come with

You have a great looking calendar and now you need to build up your network. Here are some tips on how to do so. Use Landing Pages Create a page which tells venues/sources how to send events form their calendar to yours. 2. Auto -responses from front-end Submissions Anyone who has taken the time to

Released Mar 27, 2017 Here the fixes we have made in our latest release. Fixed: Returned the missing label for the previous month button (month view). Fixed: Improved the handling of missing or poorly formatted timezones when importing events. Fixed: Plugin wasn’t enabling certain features in the WP Multisite Environment. Fixed: An undefined index error would

Becoming the Hub of your community sometimes means promoting a business or their events. Here are a few ways you can promote a business and their events. With a Timely Hub calendar you can allow businesses to post events via your front end submissions form.   Featured events (Hub) You can embed featured events either above your main

Check out a list of our latest improvements & fixes. Released Mar 9, 2017 Fixed: Open Graph meta tags now matches correct dates and URLs for recurrent events. Fixed: Prevents duplicate post IDs from being passed to update_meta_cache() after searching for events, creating a much smaller database query. Thanks to @zrothauser for the fix. Fixed: Removed