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Timely events calendar posterboard view exhibits your events on a dynamic Pinterest-like Masonry layout, giving lots of emphasis to event images. This view provides a well-arranged grid that is both organized and informative. 

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* The purpose of the navigation tabs above is to show Timely software's responsive design. In order to see how it looks like on different devices, we recommend viewing this page from a desktop. Otherwise, all views may look similar due to the software responsiveness. 

Display upcoming events with Timely Event Calendar Posterboard View

Give your calendar that something extra with Timely Events Calendar Posterboard View. With its Pinterest-like layout, it highlights your event images, enriching your audience’s visual experience while providing them with all event information they may need.

Of course, such a design-oriented view is programmed to automatically detect the width and orientation of your visitors’ screen. It quickly adapts the calendar for the best viewing experience.

The event image will appear on a larger size, allowing you to emphasize the visual aspects of your event or business. All event information neatly surrounds the picture so your audience doesn’t miss anything.

Timely events calendar posterboard view design
TImely events calendar poster board view featured event design

This calendar layout organizes events by date, venue or category. It also organizes recurring events in a smart way so no images need to be repeated. With this view, you can create an elegant yet practical calendar.

All featured and updated events are highlighted with a tasteful label at the corner of your event image.

This masonry view shows the event’s image, title, date, time, location, and category. When you click on the event. All additional information you want to communicate will be on a pop-up or a new page on the screen.

Timely Calendar Posterboard View provides a customizable calendar experience. You can select one of our beautiful pre-made themes and you have the freedom to build your own.

Categorizing events is easy with our colour set-ups and specific filters. It will give your calendar a stylish and tasteful design to catch your audience’s eye.

With Timely Events Calendar Poster Board View you can designate the starting day of your calendar’s week and the time zone, so that your calendar can be easy to access worldwide.

Timely Design Customizations

Safe, Secure and Reliable Software for Events

Discover how Timely event technology can take your events to the next level.

icon puzzle representing Timely Event Management software solutions custom features

Custom Features

White label application that allows many design customizations, including font, colour, background, logo and unique content. Customize your calendar, events and even confirmation emails.

icon application representing Timely Event Management software solutions easy to use

Easy to Use

Our platform has a clean design and presentation, and allows an intuitive navigation for users of all types and backgrounds. Moreover, it has multiple viewing options and search filters.

icon globe representing Timely Event Management software solutions can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Anytime and Anywhere

Since all data is stored in the cloud, your staff and clients can access events anytime and anywhere. In addition, our software is fully compatible across all devices and platforms.

icon puzzle representing Timely Event Management software solutions custom features

PCI-DSS Compliant

Protect yourself and your customer by reducing the risk of debit and credit card data being lost. Accept online payments via Paypal, Stripe and Square – all PCI DSS certified.

icon lock representing Timely Event Management software solutions has high privacy and security standards

High Privacy and Security

Easily comply with global privacy laws, including GDPRCOPPACaIOPPAPIPEDA  and  LGPD. Furthermore, our solutions are highly secure, including SSL/TLS protocol, encryption and additional controls.

icon starts representing Timely Event Management software solutions are accessible for people with disabilities


Our web based application is Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant. Therefore, it is accessible not only for your staff and volunteers, but also your audience and the community with disabilities.

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